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Info in english

Orkdal vidaregåande skole is an exciting school with many new branches of study, both vocational studies aimed at a certain profession, and general studies preparing for university studies. In recent years the variety of studies has increased noticeably. We have great traditions, dating back to the 1920s, but are also directed towards the future. We who are working here want our students to learn as much as possible while they are here. In order to accomplish that, the teaching of knowledge and a good learning environment must go hand in hand. Feeling good at school is a good foundation for learning.


General studies:

If you want to meet both the special and the general requirements for university studies in only three years, you have to choose this branch of study, the general studies. Guided by your own preferences, we give you the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the mysteries of the following subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English, French, German, business economics, marketing, sociology, law studies and more. We have two classes in each of these three years, six classes altogether.

Health and social care studies:

This branch qualifies the student for a vocation as a health worker. Our school offers you medical office studies and care work. By choosing health and social care studies you qualify for jobs within the health, social care and nursing sector, in home-based services or in hospitals, in nursery homes and kindergartens, at the dentist’s, the doctor’s, or perhaps in a pharmacy or as an ambulance driver. There are plenty of possibilities!

Sports and physical education studies:

With three years on this branch of study, you meet the general requirements for university studies. On this branch of study you can use your skills in different sports. We have many exciting trips in summer as well as in winter, and on these trips we encounter a great variety of nature. The trips also have the side effect of creating a good school- and class environment.

Music, dance and drama studies:

If you are interested in singing, playing or dancing, or see yourself in the future on the stage, this is the branch of study for you. At our school we offer you the possibility of specializing in music in the second and third year of study. This contributes to giving our school a distinct musical character.

Chemical and processing trade studies:

This is a branch of study for those who are interested in technology and chemical processing. The certificate will be a good starting point for higher education as a technician or as an engineer. The combination of a practical and theoretical background is much sought-after by the companies.

Sales and services study:

This is our newest branch of study. This is a trade which is growing fast. The education will give you great possibilities for an exciting job in the travel business, computer business, shops, offices or service jobs.


This is the school:

The Library:

The school library has more than 5,000 volumes of fiction and non-fiction, encyclopedias and other reference books. We subscribe to 32 magazines and 5 newspapers. Besides, you will find newspaper archives, computers with internet access, reading room and rooms for group work.

Student activities:

Even if the teaching and the learning environment are the most important matters for a school, we also have a good social climate. Among the extra-curricular activities are. 

  • volleyball tournament
  • sports day
  • excursions(e.g to places like Iceland, Prague, Athens..)
  • revue
  • school choir
  • student counsil activities
  • nice outdoor areas
  • free use of gym rooms and other rooms for student activities

The school canteen:

In the canteen they sell dairy products, bread rolls, cheese croissants, hamburgers, soft drinks and a number of other items. On Fridays they sell the cook’s special home-made hot pizzas, a dish warmly recommended.

More information to be obtained from the student counsellors:

Morten Slupphaug: e-mail:

Magni Skålholt Løseth e-mail:

Or from the school’s web-site:

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